Hydrogen-rich Water Improves the Physical Ability of Football Players and the Anti-fatigue Ability of Rats

  • Peng Wu
Keywords: Hydrogen-rich Water, Football Player, Rat Movement, Sports Fatigue


With the development of sports, there are more and more researches on sports. Intense high strength
through the study found that games to promote the amount of oxygen free radicals in the human body, this kind
of phenomenon will cause a certain degree of damage to the body, such as protein peroxidation damage, DNA
damage and damage, which can lead to produce collective athletes fatigue, greatly reduce the exercise capacity,
serious when still can cause all kinds of sports injury. The purpose of this paper is to study the effects of
hydrogen-rich water on improving athletes' physical ability and anti-fatigue ability of rats, so as to provide
positive and beneficial guidance for the correct use of hydrogen-rich water in sports training. This paper first
explains hydrogen-rich water and its related concepts, and briefly explains the important role of hydrogen-rich
water in sports training from four aspects of antioxidant, body function, muscle fatigue and attention. It also
extends the concept of motion and free radicals. Then the effects of hydrogen-rich water were analyzed and
illustrated by the control experiment of football players and the animal experiment of rat model. The results
showed that the energy of football players increased from 63.21% to 79.34% with the increase of the time of
drinking hydrogen-rich water. Drinking hydrogen-rich water reduced the probability of exercise fatigue by about
23 percent and increased the ability to resist exercise fatigue by about 17 percent.